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About Us

MEMORJA is the oral, sound and visual archive of the National Archives of Malta (NAM). Our mission is to record life stories from people and groups who are underrepresented in the historical record.

The roots of the project lie in the National Memory Project (NMP), initiated in 2004,  followed by collaboration with the Public Memory Archive (PMA) at the University of Malta. Established in 2017, MEMORJA has now developed as the principal depositor of our national and public memory. 

MEMORJA employs advanced methods in oral history, ethnography and cutting-edge archival approaches to collect, record, preserve and make accessible individual and shared histories passed on orally, visually and through sound. We are interested in the diversity of individual memories, life histories, community experiences and traditions, indigenous knowledge and shared historical events of the Maltese people.

MEMORJA’s oral history-trained staff and volunteers carry out continuous ethnographic fieldwork in the community, enriching our archives with a panoply of memories and recollections, personal photographs, documents, ephemera, artifacts, audio and video recordings and film reels which are generously donated, preserved and made available to all. The ubiquitous presence of our fieldworkers carrying out research and oral history interviews in the community has made the NAM ever more visible. This has generated extensive friendships and a unique relationship of trust between the National Archives and the public.

All digitised material collected under MEMORJA’s scope is being preserved, catalogued, and made accessible through this website.